Impact of Legislation on Organizations


Impact of Legislation on Organizations (report/paper)

Introduction 5 points
a. The writer introduces the topic and its relevance to (1) the discipline and (2) the chosen audience. The introduction lays groundwork for the direction of the assignment.
b. Thesis or objective is clearly stated and appropriately focused.
c. Main idea stands along with details.
d. The title is appropriate and adequately describes the topic

Points of Analysis 15 points
a. The paper includes five (5) points of analysis.
b. Ideas are clear, original, and focused. Main idea stands along with details.
c. Sufficient information included. Information clearly relates to the main relates to the main thesis. It includes several supporting details and/or examples.
d. Sentences and paragraphs clearly and effectively relate to and support the thesis.
e. Writer provides examples and quotes that answer the reader’s questions and add depth to the writer’s ideas.

Conclusions 10 points
a. The writer makes succinct and precise conclusions based on the review of literature.
b. Insights into the problem/topic are appropriate. The entire paper is summarized.
c. Conclusions are strongly supported within the assignment.

Research and Analysis 50 points
a. The writer covers the appropriate content in depth without being redundant.
b. The writer cites sources when specific statements are made.
c. The significance of quotes, when used, is apparent.
d. The length is appropriate.
e. Ideas are clear, original, and focused. Main idea stands out, along with details.
f. Ideas in the assignment are compelling, even original; they are not self-evident.

Clarity and Correctness of the Writing 10 points
a. The writing is clear and concise.
b. There are less than 10 mistakes in grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation.
c. The writing does not ramble; the assignment is carefully written and edited.
d. Less than 30% of the paper is comprised of direct quotes.

Sources, Citations, and Proper APA Formatting 10 points
a. The writer includes at least three (3) citations in the body of the review.
b. The references in the list match the in-text citations and all are properly cited in APA style.
c. Numerous sources are cited. All sources are accurately documented.
d. Accurately adheres to APA style in formatting, organization, and construction, including full review of relevant literature.
e. There is consistent use of people-first, non-discriminatory language.
f. The majority of sources are scholarly and cited correctly in both text and reference list.
g. Personal opinions are delayed and stated succinctly in the conclusion



Create a program to keep track of vehicle oil changes. The program will store data about the vehicle, the products needed, and the date of the last oil change. If a vehicle is within one month of needing an oil change, a message will be generated to inform the vehicle owner.
1. Create a Vehicle class that includes make, model, and year
2. Create an Oil class that includes oil type, oil brand, quantity (in quarts), price (per quart), filter brand, and filter cost
3. Create a Date class that includes the month, day, and year
4. Create an Oil Change class that includes the amount of labor (in hours)
a. This class should also include static data members for labor cost ($15.00/hour) and sales tax (7%)

Your program should ask the user to input the vehicle, oil, and date data. It should then calculate the cost of an oil change based on the oil price, qty of oil filter cost, labor costs, and tax.

The vehicle, date, and total price should be written to a file. A user should be able to generate/display a list of all vehicles that are within 1 month (don’t worry about the day) of needing another oil change or are overdue for an oil change.

Your application must include the following:

Abstract Class or Interface
Exception Handling
Static Data Members
Overloaded Operator or overridden method
Data Validation
File Input/Output
Value Added – something not listed above



SQL Queries


1.  Display the id, the description, and the total value (product quantity * product price) of each product whose product type is HW. Assign the column name TOTAL_VALUE to this calculation.

2. Display the id, the description, and the total value (product quantity * product price) of each product whose total value is greater than or equal to $4,000. Assign the column name TOTAL_VALUE to the calculation.

3. Display the id and the description for each product whose type is either SG or AP using the IN operator.

4. Determine the id and the name of each customer whose name starts with the letter “S”.

5. Display all the data in the products table. Order the display by the product description.

6. Display all the data in the products table. Order the display by product type. Within each product type, order the display by product id.

7. Determine the number of customers whose balances are less than their credit limits.

8. Display the total of the balances of all customers who are represented by sales representative 237 and whose balances are less than their credit limits.

9.  Display the id, the description, and the total value of each product whose number of items is greater than the average number of items for all products. You may want to use a subquery.

10. Display the balance of the customer whose balance is the smallest.

11. Display the id, the name, and the balance of the customer with the largest balance.

12. Display the sales representative’s id and the sum of the balances of all customers represented by each of these sales representatives. Group and order the display by the sales representative ids.

13. Display the sales representative’s id and the sum of the balances of all customers represented by each of these sales representatives, but limit the result to those sales representatives whose sum is more than $12,000.

14. Display the ids of all products whose description is not known.

Multiple Questions


Question 1 Who assassinated Kennedy?


Jack Ruby

Earl Warren

Lee Harvey Oswald

Walt Rostow

Question 2 Kennedy enthusiastically expanded the Special Forces. __________ was the popular name for the Army’s Special Forces fighting under direct orders of the president in covert battles against guerrillas.


The Seals

The Green Berets

The Screaming Eagles

The Rangers

Question 3 Which leader relied on the non-violence techniques employed by Gandhi and became a figurehead of the Civil Rights Movement through his leadership in the SCLC?


Ralph Abernathy

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Malcolm X

Medgar Evers

Question 4 In 1955, Jonas Salk pioneered the first effective vaccine for which disease?






Question 5 Which of the following statements concerning the group of writers called Beats is FALSE?


It was led by Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.

It held a distrust of the American values of progress, power, and consumerism.

It discouraged spontaneity, friendship, open sexuality, and drug use.

It foreshadowed the counterculture of the 1960s

Question 6 The liberal domestic policy that Kennedy advocated was:


New Look.

Great Society.

New Frontier.

Fair Deal.

Question 7 In 1953, Congress passed House Concurrent Resolution 108, which allowed:


the first-generation Japanese Americans eligible for citizenship.

Congress to terminate a Native American tribe as a political entity by passing legislation specific to that tribe.

Mexican immigrants into the Unites States to fill labor shortages.

Puerto Ricans to enter the Unites States as legal citizens.

Question 8 The failed attempt by the CIA and Cuban counter-revolutionaries to overthrow Castro in 1961 is known as:


Bay of Pigs.

the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Gulf of Tonkin.

the Cuban Revolution.

Question 9 Which of the following statements concerning the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is FALSE?


It was signed into law by Lyndon Johnson.

It outlawed literacy and other discriminatory tests that had deterred black voting.

It authorized federal supervision of registration in states when necessary.

It banned all poll taxes.

Question 10 Although his party had a strong civil rights plan, __________, Republican candidate for president in 1960, minimized his connection to it to attract Southern white voters.


John F. Kennedy

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Richard M. Nixon

Lyndon B. Johnson

Question 11 Refer to this map as you match the items below. Answer – A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J.

The Alabama Bus boycott, instigated by Rosa Parks and led by Martin Luther King, occurred in which city?

Brown v. Board of Education was centered around the segregation of school. Oliver Brown and his daughter, Linda, served to remind the nation that segregation was not purely a Southern issue. The Browns were from which city?

In which city did Governor Orval Faubus dispatch Arkansas National Guard to Central High School to prevent nine black students from entering?

Where did the very successful sit-ins against segregation first begin by four black college freshmen?

SNCC was founded in April of 1960 when Ella Baker led a conference of 120 black student activists in which city?

Multiple Choice Answers

Multiple Questions

Question 1 Why wasn’t Robert Kennedy the Democratic presidential candidate in 1968?
He was unable to pull support from key groups such as Latinos and African Americans.
During the primaries, he was only able to carry the state of Oregon.
He was a strong advocate of the Vietnam War.
He was assassinated prior to the election.
Question 2 Supply-side economics, which became known as Reaganomics, emphasized:
Moderate tax cuts and increases in government spending.
Simultaneous tax cuts and reductions in government spending.
The absence of either tax cuts or a change in government spending.
Simultaneous increases in both taxes and government spending.
Question 3 Which of the following did NOT occur during the presidency of George H.W. Bush?
The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed.
Troops were sent to Panama to capture General Manuel Noriega.
The federal budget for drug control was cut in half.
The Persian Gulf War occurred
Question 4 What symbolic end to the Cold War occurred on November 9, 1989?
Gorbachev recognized the new Commonwealth of Independent States and resigned.
The Union held its first open elections since 1917.
The Berlin Wall fell.
Poland held its first free elections since World War II.
Question 5 Which of the following statements concerning OPEC is FALSE?
It is composed of oil producing countries from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
It controls the production of oil.
It controls the price of oil.
It is controlled by independent business men and has no government ties.
Question 6 __________ was the massive bombing campaign over Vietnam begun by Johnson in February of 1965.
Operation Desert Storm
Operation Rolling Thunder
Operation Overlord
Operation Vittles
Question 7 The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution:
was the functional equivalent of a declaration of war.
attempted to negotiate a cease fire between the South Vietnamese and the Viet Cong.
was the official declaration of war by Congress.
reiterated America’s isolationist policy and its resolve to remain out of the conflict.
Question 8 The movement advocated by Stokely Carmichael as a way to gain control of their communities was termed:
New Negro.
Black Power.
Black Panther.
Red Power.
Question 9 In 1968, the Vietcong coordinated an attack that surprised the U.S. military command in South Vietnam. This offensive, named for the Vietnamese New Year, was called the:
Pleiku Attack.
Invasion of Cambodia.
Tet Offensive.
My Lai.
Question 10 In 1970, what government agency was created to oversee environmental factors such as pollution, destruction of natural resources, and protect endangered species?
Question 11 Match the following items:
Answer – A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J.
Who released the Pentagon Papers to the press?
Who was Nixon’s vice president who was forced to resign after admitting to accepting kickbacks while governor of Maryland?
Who was the Liberal governor of New York chosen by Ford as his vice presidential running mate?
Who was the Republican vice president under Ronald Reagan?
Who was a member of the NSC who testified before Congress concerning the Iran Contra Scandal?
Answer A. George Meany B. William Westmoreland C. Spiro Agnew D. George H.W. Bush E. Daniel Ellsberg F. Jerry Fallwell G. Bobby Seale H. Oliver North I. Nelson Rockefeller J. James Earl Ray
Multiple Choice
Question 1 A department store attempts to gain a competitive advantage by empowering its salespeople in the cosmetics department to communicate the needs of its customers to management. As a result, management can be more responsive to these needs. This strategy is focusing primarily on which aspect of the organization?
Customer responsiveness
Question 2 The paths along which information flows within the organization are called __________.
Communication networks
Filtering paths
Information richness
Question 3 Another name for a task force is a(n) ___________.
Informal group
Interest group
Ad hoc committee
Virtual group
Friendship group
Question 4 Managers who ____________ are likely to see their ___________.
Decrease uncertainty; power decrease
Decrease uncertainty; power increase
Increase uncertainty; power increase
Decrease their power; uncertainty increase
Increase their power; uncertainty increase
Question 5 An assembly line of workers in a Ford Motor Co. factory that produces Ford Explorers is said to have:
Pooled task interdependence
A virtual team format
Reciprocal task interdependence
Sequential task interdependence
Question 6 If the source of a conflict is overlapping authority, a manager should:
Send all the participants to diversity training
Clarify the chain of command
Change to a product structure
Institute self-managed teams
Change cultural norms
Question 7 Teams that are empowered to take responsibility for acting autonomously on identifiable pieces of work are referred to as __________.
Informal groups
Interest groups
Virtual groups
Sequential task interdependence groups
Self-managed work teams
Question 8 A member of a task force does not do much work related to the goals of the task force. This member is confident that the other members of the task force “will take up the slack.” This group member is exhibiting __________.
An interest
Group role synergy
A virtual team role
A role-making role
Social loafing
Question 9 Which of the following is NOT a factor in deciding what communication medium a manager should use?
Information richness of a medium
The manager’s personality
Time needed for communication
Need for a paper trail
Question 10 Linguistic style includes all of the following EXCEPT:
Eye contact
Use of pauses