Nervous System



The muscular system requires an amazing amount of coordination from the nervous system. This week you will learn about the process of muscle excitation which results in contraction and eventually relaxation. Using what you have learned and your research please answer the below questions.
1) Briefly describe the physiological process of “contracting” a muscle, starting with the release of acetylcholine in the neuromuscular junction.
2) What are actin & myosin? (p. 153)
3) Why is calcium important?


Unit V Article Review



Unit V Article Review
Search the CSU Online Library and locate an article related to hazard identification and control. The Business Source Complete, Academic Search Complete, and Academic OneFile databases are good places to start your search. Try using a variety of search terms (e.g., hazard identification, hazard control, hazard prevention, industrial hazards, occupational hazards, controlling hazards). Search terms can also be derived from the information in Chapter 14 of the course textbook.
The selected article must be from a professional or academic journal, at least two pages in length, and published within the last five years. Be sure that the article is specific to occupational safety and health as some search terms may result in articles related to the finance and insurance industries.
Write a review that includes the following components:
a summary of the article’s conclusions and your own opinions.· a discussion on how the article supports or contradicts the concepts as presented in the textbook, and · a summary and analysis of the key points in the article, · a brief introduction to the article, ·
The assignment must be in APA format and at least two pages in length (not including title and reference pages).

Brennan Trahan
Columbia Southern University Introduction
A hazard is a circumstance that represents a level of risk to life, wellbeing, property, or environment. Most dangers potential, with just a hypothetical danger of trouble ensuing, in any case, once a situation begins to progress, it can turn into a crisis quickly. A dangerous circumstance that has happened is called an occurrence. A danger investigation is utilized as the initial step as a part of a procedure used to evaluate hazard. The consequence of a risk investigation is the distinguishing proof of distinctive sort of perils. A peril is a potential condition and exists or not. It might in single presence or in blend with different risks and conditions turn into a real Functional Failure or Accident. Identification and Risk Analysis is an term that includes all exercises included in recognizing dangers and assessing danger at offices, for the duration of their life cycle, to verify that dangers to workers, the general population, or nature are reliably controlled inside of the association’s danger resilience. A suite of instruments is accessible to oblige shifting examination needs: Apparatuses for basic danger distinguishing proof or subjective danger investigation incorporate peril and operability investigation, imagine a scenario where/agenda investigation, and disappointment modes and impacts examination. Apparatuses for straightforward danger investigation incorporate disappointment modes, impacts, and criticality examination and layer of security examination. Instruments for nitty gritty quantitative danger examination incorporate deficiency trees and occasion trees (education.vic)
To oversee danger, perils should first distinguish, and afterward the dangers ought to be assessed and resolved to be middle of the road or not. The prior in the life cycle that viable danger investigation is performed, the more financially savvy the future safe operation of the procedure or movement is liable to be. The danger comprehension created from these studies frames the premise for setting up a large portion of alternate procedure security administration exercises attempted by the office. An inaccurate view of danger anytime could prompt either wasteful utilization of restricted assets or accidental acknowledgment of dangers surpassing the genuine resistance of the organization or the group.
A few approaches to avoid and control risks are: Consistently and completely look after hardware, guarantee that danger revision systems are set up, guarantee that everybody knows how to utilize and keep up individual defensive gear, Ensure that everybody comprehends and takes after safe work methods, Guarantee that, when required, there is a restorative project customized to your office to forestall work environment dangers and exposures. To control risks in your work environment you have to recognize and comprehend those perils. Your first need ought to dependably be to wipe out the dangers. On the off chance that the risks can’t be dispensed with, have a go at discovering more secure approaches to do those errands by substituting less destructive substances or changing the workplace through designing controls. Likewise consider changing how function exercises are sorted out and performed. For instance, decrease the time specialists are presented to a risk by turning them to another assignment. (

Research Proposal



Assignment: Research Proposal – Draft of Introduction
The following course outcome is addressed in this Assignment:PS504-2: Design a research study using relevant tools and methodology. This Assignment is part of the Research Proposal that you will turn in at the end of Unit 9. This Assignment represents a draft of the Introduction section of your Research Proposal. It will be written as a standard paper, with title and references page. When it is revised for inclusion in your Final Project, some changes will need to be made, but if you have done well here, those changes will be minor.The Introduction section of a Research Proposal includes an explanation of the topic (including some historical background to put things into context), a literature review of recently published research on the topic of the research being proposed (drawing from information collected during the Unit 2 Assignment and an overview of the proposed research question and hypotheses.The length of this assignment should be 5–8 pages.This is an outline of the Introduction section as it should be arranged:Formal title page
Introduction section
Introduction paragraph (with thesis statement)
Background material – ensuring that the reader understands the research topic
Literature review – clearly and completely discussing recent research on the topic using three to five peer-reviewed, scholarly sources
The proposed research – What is the proposed research, why is it important?
Define the research question and why it is important or useful to ask and answer the question
Describe the hypothesis and how it will answer the research question
Describe (briefly) the planned research and how it will evaluate the hypothesis
A summary paragraph