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This assignment is based on the following scenario. Jane owns a condo, which she lists for sale for $300,000. On April 1, Michael offers Jane $280,000 for the condo. On April 5, Jane has delivered to Michael at his office a form that includes additional terms but does not state a price. At 9 A.M. on April 6, Michael signs the form and gives it to Karla, his administrative assistant, with instructions to mail it. At 10 A.M., Jane calls to tell Michael that the deal is off. The next day, Karla mails the signed form to Jane. When Jane refuses to sell the condo to Michael, he files a suit against her, alleging breach of contract. Jane claims that there was no contract. 
1) Is Michael’s April 1 offer of $280k an offer or a counter-offer? 

2) Is Jane’s April 5 counter-offer considered definite even without stating a price?

3) What arguments will support Michael’s position?

4) What arguments will support Jane’s position?

5) Explain what a court is likely to decide.



Net Revenue

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Scenario 1: Net Revenue Scenario
Your clinic provides four kinds of services:
Comprehensive initial medical consultation is priced at $250
Established patient limited visit is priced at $75
Established patient intermediate visit is priced at $125
Established patient comprehensive visit is priced at $250
Question: The profile of your patients is such that the average collection rate is 75%. Assuming you have 100 visits of each type each month, what amount of new revenue will you generate in the next 12 months?




1) Find all solutions to 2sin(θ)=-√2 on the interval 0≤θ<2π
2)Find all solutions to 2cos(θ)=-√2 on the interval 0≤θ<2π
1) A political candidate has asked you to conduct a poll to determine what percentage of people support her.

If the candidate only wants a 9% margin of error at a 90% confidence level, what size of sample is needed?

Give your answer in whole people.
2)Karen wants to advertise how many chocolate chips are in each Big Chip cookie at her bakery. She randomly selects a sample of 52 cookies and finds that the number of chocolate chips per cookie in the sample has a mean of 5.3 and a standard deviation of 2.7. What is the 80% confidence interval for the number of chocolate chips per cookie for Big Chip cookies? Enter your answers accurate to one decimal place (because the sample statistics are reported accurate to one decimal place).



TCO B) use the following current year financial statements for Abbee Aviation to perform ratio analysis. Abbee

Aviation Income Statement Revenue $4,400,000 Cost of goods sold 2,300,000 Gross profit 2,100,000 Operating expenses 750,000 Operating income (EBIT) 1,350,000 Interest expense 270,000 Earnings before taxes 1,080,000 Taxes (at 40%) 432,000 Net income 648,000

Abbee Aviation Balance Sheet Current assets Cash $2,780,000 Accounts receivable 670,000 Inventory 750,000 Total current assets 4,200,000 Non-current assets Fixed assets 5,200,000 Accumulated depreciation (2,400,000) Net fixed assets 2,800,000 Total assets $7,000,000 Current liabilities Accounts payable 890,000 Accrued liabilities 560,000 Total current liabilities 1,450,000 Non-current liabilities Bonds payable 3,000,000 Total liabilities 4,450,000 Shareholders’ equity Common stock 550,000 Retained earnings 2,000,000 Total shareholders’ equity 2,550,000 Total liabilities and shareholders’ equity $7,000,000 (a) Calculate the firm’s operating return on assets. Assume that the firm’s year-end total assets balance for the prior year was $6 million. (b) Calculate the firm’s net working capital (c) What is the number of “accounts receivable days” for Abbee Aviation? Assume that the firm’s year-end accounts receivable balance for the prior year was $650,000. (d) What is the firm’s return on assets at the end of this year? Assume that the firm’s year-end total assets balance for the prior year was $6 million